Thursday, June 22, 2006

Waiting for a star to fall!

I hear your name whispered on the wind
It's a sound that makes me cry
I hear a song blow again and again
Through my mind and I don't know why
I wish I didn't feel so strong about you
Like happiness and love revolve around you

Trying to catch your heart
Is like trying to catch a star
So many people love you baby
That must be what you are

-Waiting for a Star to Fall
Boy Meets Girl (1981 Billboard Top Ten)

Dammit I just made a complete jackass out of myself last night by downing about a quart of rhumcoke and downing about a couple of jiggers of tequila simply because I was craving for a man and the bartenders for the night were a bunch of 20 something "virile" men.
What the fuck was I thinking?

Better yet, who the fuck was I trying to impress?

It has been a couple of months since the last time I got drunk, the reason mainly because I dont have a fucking driver and I have to drive a couple of assholes home (if the need calls for it) as well as myself. They live in chi-chi subdivisions/urban areas with road humps bigger than an aquatic submarine.

Anyway I really like this guy but I think he doesnt like me. I am not going to put myself in this spot where I would be humiliated and degraded to the fullest fuckifying extent. I would rather choose death or dismemberment.

There are times when you see a person looking at you, but he doesnt do anything else. Sometimes it seems like he wants you, almost grabs you by the arm but theres just nothing. Could it be that he is waiting for me to make the first fucking move? Should I?


What the fuck do these body languages mean?

It means...

a.) He thinks your pants frame your big tummy.
b.) He is afraid a sexual encounter with you will make it difficult for him to find the hole to insert his peenie weenie into.
c.)He thinks your face is bigger than his face, and might be mistaken for a parking lot or a missing part of the solar system.
d.)He just doesnt like you, you're fat and chunky and wont be beneficial in the sack or career-wise.

This entry is just SAD. :(


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