Thursday, June 22, 2006

Still throbbing!

My head is still throbbing from last night's vodka/rhum drinking spree. I used to chug down enormous amounts of vodka and rhum although not at the same time and MOST DEFINITELY not as chaser-style.
I just cant understand why drowning myself in water all day drinking and swimming in the beach wouldnt heal my body from last night's drunken fiasco and half-strip lapdancing. Typical. I sat back and saw my whole life flash before my eyes.

Well there was a gay guy, but after a minute of conversation I wanted to chop his head off and kick it into the traffic. He said he had more action than I do. That's about it for now. I have grown tired of posting sexual stuff here.

Funnily enough, a friend told me that guys have lower libido when they are beyond normal weight (let's say, a bit chunky). The veins supposedly dont travel that fast to the penis area when the guy is supposed to be horny because of the huge belly.
Clearly, its supposed to travel faster down there if he had washboard abs reminiscent of Brandon Routh's.

Does the same thing go for girls as well?

I have been slacking off at the gym lately. I have been snacking on Twinkies more lately. You do the math.

I really wish I could meet a guy who would shower me with attention and security, because I think those are the real key elements to getting a woman in bed. ;)

Goodnight, and for me, good luck!


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