Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A modern day Mrs. Robinson and her hermaphrodite buddy, Allie

This afternoon I forced myself a much-needed quickie siesta since I was short of sleep last night due to some forced cofibean reading.
I suppose in your dreams your subconscious wants resurface willingly. I was running around inside an old building wearing a gown, nobody seemed to mind anyway they were too drunk or too apathetic to their surroundings (which is a usual thing in my city).
I found myself floating towards the ground floor of that building, I did remember I was with someone, a saggy breasted girl I would like to call Allie.
I was already in the vehicle and about to leave the premises when I strongly told myself that I wasnt being a good friend by leaving her there.
Running inside I was surprised to see her lying spread eagled in front of a guy that I liked (HAH!) receiving what we could call, "head".
Suffice to say, I was shocked. Sitting beside the guy, I saw that shes actually enjoying it. I wanted to pull her hair and say "bitch who ever said that you could get head and I couldnt?" But upon closer inspection I saw that she had two small testicles, the same testicles my male kitten has. EW!
Anyway I was about to get my turn when she started talking on the cellphone, loudly.
The guy left and told me I put him in great harm by allowing my friend to talk loudly on the cellphone. I also realized we were inside a room that had shitloads of windows and that everyone in the party were perving in on the other couples who were engaged in a multitude of positions and whatnot.
I left her at the party. DAMN! Even in my dreams I cant get laid.

Even Kimi Raikkonen's pee-bag gets more action than I do. FUCK THAT.


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